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Haute Trash 2015


The trash fashion show first debuted in 1983 that was entitled "The Cutting Edge of Fashion." Susan Lamela, or "Polly Ethylena," is said to be the founder of this fashion event. The trash fashion trend continued until the early 2000s. Susan Lamela passed away in June 2000 due to lung cancer. However, Susan and Prima Debris had begun to talk about firing up Haute Trash again before she passed away. In 2001, Prima went back to California, determined to start up Haute Trash again. She got as many past designers as she could and put on "Haute Trash Fall Fashions for 2002." Since then, Haute Trash has put on over 100 shows and continues to fascinate people. Haute Trash officially became a Non Profit 501(c)3 in 2006. They are currently developing educational programs and continue to perform at many events and venues.

Pictures from some of the first shows. Pictures from:

 Haute Trash Fashion Show- Behind the Scenes

The Haute Trash Fashion Show took place at the University of Central Missouri on April 20, 2015. Many fashion students and people from the Haute Trash organization from California were hard at work setting up the stage and getting organized for this fashion event. Models were busy getting their hair and makeup done two hours before the show started. UCM fashion students did a variety of jobs that included making sure the models were all present, helping models put on their outfits, and other tasks. Several students were also behind the curtain during the show to make sure the models were lined up correctly and to direct them back to the dressing rooms when they were done on the runway.

2 UCM students getting ready for the show
Volunteers doing hair and makeup

Just some of the designs for this year's show

The models lined up backstage

List of the models and their outfits

Haute Trash Fashion Show 2015

The fashion show this year had 50 outfits that were presented on the runway this year. There were also about 30-40 models who showed up to model this year's designs. Local artists and UCM photography students provided artwork in the back of the ballroom for people to look at before and after the show. Overall, the show was a success; minus one model who walked off the side of the stage instead of where she was suppose to go! The Haute Trash Fashion Show continues to put people in awe and every year, the show gets better and better. So if you have trash laying around, see what outfit you can put together! The possibilities are endless!

Artwork depicting the "Gluttonous Society." Art by Melyssa Bradshaw
Description to go with the picture of the "Gluttonous Society."

One of the displays provided by a Holden High School Student
Back of the dress  by Holden student
Eagle artwork made completely out of trash

Dress made out of newspaper. Made by Reilley Francis
Dress made completely out of Magic cards

Backdrop for pictures for the fashion show created from recycled materials.

Blog by: Maria Bahner

2015 Grammy's Fashion

Popular Red Carpet Looks

This year the Grammy's red carpet saw many different styles of dresses, tuxes, and pant/short suits. We never know what to expect from the stars but they never disappoint. As the stars began to arrive on the red carpe,t so did the fashion statements. There were a lot of sequins, color, and of course black, there's always black. Here are some of the nights' best and bravest fashion looks.
Black has been Beyonce's go to color for 2015, first the Met Gaga and now the Grammys. It's quite obvious that anything she wears will look great like this very detailed Proenza dress. Classy and simple was the look she achieved for the evening.
 He wouldn't be Pharrell if he didn't make a fashion statement and that's exactly what he and his finance did in their special Adidas fits. Which changed colors when revealed to the flash of a camera. His suit looks angel white but on the carpet it was gray, Pharrell is the future.
Everyone was talking about Rihanna's barbie doll dress which was pretty hard to miss. Her Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress was fun and carefree, similar to Rihanna. No one knew what to expect from her but she showed up and showed out nevertheless. 
Sam Smith accepted one of his many Grammy awards in this vibrant red suit, of which the designer is unknown. It was a great suit that caught the audiences eye while giving his acceptance speech. He started the night off in a black Armani suit but the red one set him apart from the crowd, not to mention his multiple Grammy wins.

Written By: Velshay Stokes

High/Low styling

High/Low Styling with Consignment Finds

High/Low styling is very common right now, but is everyone doing it right? High/low styling is the art of using cute, less expensive items and pairing them with a designer piece to give the outfit an upscale look. Consignment stores are NOT the same as your average thrift store. Most consignment stores are very selective with the items they take and because of that, the merchandise is usually better than your average thrift store. In a consignment store you can find good quality clothing for a cheap price but you can also get your high-end designer brands as well. Take a look at how to piece some of those together!

In this outfit we have a White House Black Market top priced at $12.99, Elevenses palazzo pants for $7.99, necklace is $17.99, and a brand new Brahmin crossbody for $119.99. The Brahmin is obviously your "high" in this high/low style

In this outfit we have a BKE dress for $10.99, Forever 21 black sandals (new) for $12.99, the necklace is $10.99, and a black Michael Kors purse priced at $129.99. 

In this style we have an I.N.C dress for $12.99 and Marc Jacobs sandals priced at $149.00 (retail price $378)

In this style we have a Tabitha dress for $19.99, Anne Michelle heels (new) for $17.99, necklace is $19.99, and a turquoise Coach purse for $139.99

Why are these pieces good investments?

In each of these looks, your "high" item was either a handbag or shoes. These are good investments because they will last you a long time. Why not spend the money on great quality pieces? These particular designers are known for having high quality items. Of course if you spend $20 on a pair or shoes or a handbag, they most likely wont last more than two years depending on how often they're worn. These pieces shown above are made to last you a lifetime because how well they are made and they're durability. 

Consignment vs. Retail

As I stated before, consignment stores are more selective than your average thrift store. Most have mainly name brand clothing, gently used (usually no more than 2-3 years old), seasonal items. With that being said, you're getting good quality clothing for half the price of retail. Many people are hesitant on buying from consignment shops because of the items already being worn but that's not always the case. A lot of times you can find items with the original tags on them for half the cost and if the item has been worn it is still in great shape. So why spend more when you can spend less?   All of the items above can be found in Warrensburg at the Change Jar consignment store.

Post by: Darielle Neely